Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Cygnet Care is to offer an environment and quality of life most appropriate to each resident, secure in the knowledge that constant care is available at all times and thus allowing residents to live as full and active a life as their physical and mental conditions will allow.

We believe that the position of ‘manager’ is integral to the success of running a residential care facility. Our managers set the culture within the home; making sure the right staff are recruited, that staff are motivated, that the environment is a happy and welcoming place to be and, of course, that the quality of care is first class.

Rather than relying on staffing agencies to recruit the right person, we at Cygnet Care like to ‘grow our own’ managers ensuring that, when a member of staff finally attains the position of manager, there is already a mutual trust and loyalty, as well as an understanding of our culture. You will not be surprised, therefore, that all our managers have been with us for many years and that we are proud of them all.

As a local family-run service, it is important to us that the highest standards are maintained. To this end, we carry out constant monitoring – from daily house checks to monthly and quarterly audits – which will help identify areas for improvement and lead to new measures that we can introduce. We encourage feedback and comments from our residents and their families to achieve the most positive outcome for the people we care for.

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